Paul is a proud California native, and has extensive experience in Pest Control, and Pest Prevention. He has a passion for helping customers feel comfortable in their own homes or offices by eliminating infestations. As a small business entrepreneur, Paul has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and building strong relationships with customers. Paul is certified and licensed for all of the services that are provided by Paul’s Pest Patrol. He is also a U.S Navy veteran that served overseas during Desert Storm, and his sense of commitment will impress you.

With 22 years of pest control experience, you can be assured that you’re hiring someone who knows about pests, and the environments they thrive in. Your home could be pest free today with Paul and his team. We also have past professional experience with plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems.

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Paul Davis

Paul Davis

Pest Control Expert

Paul is the owner and operator of Paul’s Pest Patrol.