“Probably the best thing about Paul is his level of service.  Each of the three occasions he came out were after hours (tonight he came out at 7:30pm when I called him with an emergency at 7pm, and the other times he came out on a Sunday to accommodate my schedule.  No extra charge.”

Jason D

“As a new landlord getting a call from the tenants about  some different insects in the garage and driveway I was not worried for a minute. I know just the guy.”

Rosie H
“Aside from being friendly, he was knowledgeable, professional and punctual even when we told him we lived in Hollister. We were so happy with the service that we signed up for monthly schedule service. I recommend Paul’s Pest Patrol!”

Janet T

“Extremely knowledgeable. Prompt and courteous. Highly recommend. Something was living in attic. Proved to be a rat thankfully not a squirrel. Paul handled it like a champ. So glad to have him on patrol to keep my property pest free from now on!”